No Verification Casinos

Playing online casino games is fun and all, but the biggest concern for the players is account verification. Almost all casinos in Canada require players to verify their accounts. Otherwise, online casinos won’t pay. Moreover, you won’t be able to make a withdrawal request without it. But don’t you worry anymore because there are casino sites that don’t require verification.

No Verification Casinos VS Traditional Casinos

No verification casinos aren’t as abundant as regular casino sites. But their number is growing more and more as the demand has increased too. Some players consider no verification casinos as something insecure (which is not), while others think it’s a great way to gamble online and remain anonymous. What differentiates no ID casinos from traditional online casinos?

Security & Licensing

We are used to thinking that online casinos should have a license. That is true, they should. Both types of casinos should and do have licenses and high-end security. But major gambling authorities that issue licenses have a requirement for online casino operators. They must use the KYC policy.

Simply put, this is a “Know Your Customer” requirement that implies collecting the personal information of clients before conducting any banking operation. That is why online casinos require you to send the documents. But what happens when they don’t require any ID? It’s easy, they use payment methods that do this job for casinos. And that is the next difference between no verification casinos and traditional casino sites.

Payment Methods

If you ever visited a no verification casino site, you must have noticed that the payment methods that they offer are completely different from those provided at traditional casinos. No verification casinos are partnered mainly with e-wallet services. They also accept cryptocurrency.

Both these payment options are specific when it comes to casino transactions. Let’s discuss them in detail.

  1. E-wallets. E-wallet services can transfer any currency from your bank account to your casino account. They are fast and easy. Usually, they charge you for transactions, and that is the main disadvantage of e-wallets. When you decide to register your e-wallet account, you need to verify it too in order to make transactions. That is when the KYC process takes place. And that is why later, at your online casino, you don’t need to provide your documents.
  2. Cryptocurrency methods. Cryptocurrency has come into the gambling world quite recently. But many no verification sites have already used this opportunity. Cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous by nature. You can see the amount of transferred crypto coins, but you can’t see the sender and the recipient. Besides, you also provide your ID when you create your crypto account. So, when you provide your crypto wallet number to the casino, the KYC policy is also observed.


Now, hopefully, you understand how no verification casinos work. With all that being said, regardless if you send your documents to the casino or to the e-wallet provider, you still have to verify your identity. The choice of where to do this is up to you. You can do it at online casinos as well as at the payment services. All in all, in both ways it is safe to play at licensed online casinos.